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BOST-BRONZ is Boston Gear’s all-purpose, oil-impregnated porous bronze bearing material. It is manufactured of highest purity metal powders by the powder metallurgy process. This process provides uniformly distributed pores between the metal particles which absorb oil by capillary action. BOSTBRONZ has a self-contained oil supply (approximately 20% by volume) which provides a uniform, protective film over the entire bearing surface. Composition and physical properties are as follows: – BOST-BRONZ can be used for production and replacement requirements in practically every known industry. It has proven to be efficient under heavy loads at moderate speeds and also under light loads at high speeds. It is ideally suited for applications where normal lubrication is difficult or impossible to provide.

The close tolerances of BOST-BRONZ bearings are made possible through expertly controlled manufacturing methods. In addition, the lubricating features of BOST-BRONZ permit reduced shaft clearances — a precision product with precision performance. Performance Because of its porous construction, BOST-BRONZ bearings have an oil reservoir when idle — an oil film to start on — an oil film to run on, assuring low starting torque and smooth, quiet positive performance. Adaptability BOST-BRONZ bearings are designed for immediate installation and may be used in most applications without additional machining. Oil holes or grooves are not required and turning or boring bearing diameters is normally unnecessary